Women in Machine Learning Symposium 2022 Keynote

Hello everyone, we are live from the second Women in Machine Learning Symposium. My name is Rwana Karashkada, I’m the developer relations lead for Machine Learning Communities at Google and I will be a host for today’s event. Thank you all for joining us today. The Women in Machine Learning Symposium is an inclusive event […]

9 Powerful Free AI apps! Image Generation, Music Generation and More!

Hello viewers from around the internet and across the globe. Welcome back to another video So as you guys can see today we’re actually gonna be recording on my iPhone And that’s because you guys actually voted for this video earlier today I uploaded a little poll vote for a video and I gave you […]

TorchRL: The Reinforcement Learning and Control library for PyTorch

Hello everyone, my name is Vincent and I’m developer for Torcharel, the reinforcement learning and control library for PyTorch. So when we started this effort of developing Torcharel, we had a look at the existing ecosystem of our libraries that are using PyTorch. And what we realized is that some of them were heavily focused […]

SingularityNET: Inside SingularityNET | December 2022

Good morning, good evening, good night, good wherever you are around the world tuning in to December’s edition of Singularity Net Insiders. It’s wonderful to do this recording for you, it’s fantastic to generally get together and celebrate all our enormous achievements of 2022 with a little look forward to 2023. Thank you as always […]

The BEST way to Run Stable Diffusion for FREE!

Folks, viewers at home and potential AI overlords, I apologize, okay? I understand. I keep releasing the same content. I keep making stable diffusion content. Honestly, this week, if you’re watching this like right when it’s uploaded, yeah, I know. I’ve been uploading a ton of stable diffusion stuff, but there’s just so much out […]

#30 Machine Learning Specialization [Course 1, Week 2, Lesson 2]

So far we’ve just been fitting straight lines to our data. Let’s take the ideas of multiple linear regression and feature engineering to come up with a new algorithm called polynomial regression, which lets you fit curves, non-linear functions, to your data. Let’s say you have a housing data set that looks like this, where […]

PyTorch Mobile on Android using C++ (PyTorch Conference 2022 Breakout Session)

Yeah, my name is Joe Bowser. I’m with Adobe. We’re going to talk today about our explorations and using PyTorch mobile on Android. We’re using C++. I’m with the Sensei on device team, our Sensei ML and Furns and efficiency team at Adobe. We go across teams and work on features. So just to give […]

Diffusion models with KerasCV

Hey everyone, my name is Devya. I’m representing the CARES team at Google. I’ll be talking about diffusion models, what can be done with them and how to enable them using CARES. So what are diffusion models and why should you care? Historically, you could generate fake shoe pictures. These aren’t really real shoes, not […]

Real-Time ML Workflows at Capital One with Disha Singla – 606

All right, what’s up everyone? Welcome to another episode of the Tumol AI podcast. I am your host, Sam Charrington. And today I’ve got the pleasure of being joined by Disha Singla. Disha is a senior director of machine learning engineering at Capital One. Before we dive into our conversation, be sure to take a […]

Two Minute Papers: NVIDIA’s New AI: Video Game Graphics, Now 60x Smaller!

Dear Fellow Scholars, this is 2 Minute Tapers with Dr. Karo Zsolnai-Fehir, when creating a video game, an animated movie, or to create any believable virtual world, among many other things we need geometry. Tons and tons of geometry, both to store and to render images of our characters and the environment. And having lots […]

Supabase Crash Course For Python Developers

Hi everyone, I’m Patrick and welcome to the SuperBase Crash Course for Python developers. In this video we cover almost all important features that we can use with SuperBase. I leave an overview here and also I leave timestamps below the video so if you’re free to jump around if you’re interested in a particular […]

OpenAI’s Whisper is AMAZING!

Seriously, is that enough to pull this off? Jiju saw the latest hot open source model released by OpenAI transcribing this guy. It’s called Whisper and it’s really really good. Well, in reality what Jiju saw didn’t happen in real time. That was just me and this video. But I did put together some code […]

Two Minute Papers: Ubisoft’s New AI: Breathing Life Into Games!

Dear Fellow Scholars, this is “Two Minute Papers” with Dr. Károly Zsolnai-Fehér. Earlier, we talked about AI-based techniques that can learn to clone your voice, and then we can perform text-to-speech. So, it would learn this… I think they have to change that. Further details are expected later. And then, the AI would generate this. […]