Top Kaggle Solution for Fall 2022 Semester

Welcome to Applications with Deep Narrow Networks with Washington University. In this video I’m going to show you the Kaggle competition that we just competed. This was a Kaggle competition that I put together just all original data for time series forecasting. And we’re going to look at the presentation given by the winning team. […]

Early Stopping. The Most Popular Regularization Technique In Machine Learning.

It’s hard, that delicate balance where you can’t train your model for too long, nor too little. The constant possibility of overfitting of building something that doesn’t go anywhere. At least, it’s always being hard for me. And finding that perfect balance is crucial. It’s the only way we can start building machine learning models […]

#82 – Dr. JOSCHA BACH – Digital Physics, DL and Consciousness [UNPLUGGED]

Welcome back to Street Talk, just a little bit of housekeeping before we kick off today. Paulina Salivadove is one of the organizers for a charity AI conference called AI Helps Ukraine. Now, their main goal is to raise funds for Ukraine, both from the folks attending the conference and also from companies sponsoring the […]