Numerics of ML 6 — Solving Ordinary Differential Equations — Nathanael Bosch

Hi everyone. I think we can start. So, yeah, welcome to today’s lecture in the Marit’s of Machine Learning. We’re in lecture six. My name is Nathaniel. I’m also a PhD student with Philip and I prepared this lecture with Jonathan together from that lecture. We’re in lecture six but we’re also in the second […]

How To Scale Model Serving in Production

A couple of days ago, you guys must have seen some pretty cool news from us on Twitter in terms of being able to scale out, I say able to fusion API to 1000 concurrent users. We want to talk to you a little bit about how we did that because for us, like the […]

Numerics of ML 7 – Probabilistic Numerical ODE Solvers – Nathanael Bosch

Welcome everyone to lecture number seven in the Marrix of Machine Learning. So it’s lecture number seven but it’s also lecture number three on the block of simulation. So this is the third one in that row. It started two weeks ago with Jonathan that told us about state space models and he introduced the […]

11-785 Spring 2023 Recitation 0B: Fundamentals of NumPy (Part 2/8)

We’re now going to be talking about accessing and modifying data in Numpi. So we’re first going to talk about indexing, which is essentially accessing values from Numpi arrays. So indexing in Numpi is almost the same as it is in Python lists. So we have an array here with some sample elements from a […]

11-785 Spring 2023 Recitation 0F: AWS Fundamentals (Part 4/4)

Welcome to the last part of the AWS reservation. In this video, we are going to talk about remote process. If we are running code that takes a long time to complete, for example, here I have a code snippet that outputs the timestamp to the output file every two seconds. If we just run […]

11-785 Spring 2023 Recitation 0G: Debugging and Visualisation (Part 1/3)

Hi everyone, my name is Qing. Welcome to Recipes 0G, debugging of Deep Neural Network. In this Recipes, we’ll first look at what are some common scenarios in writing Deep Neural Networks and then go through some general coding tips. After that, we’ll cover three types of common issues in writing Deep Learning codes. Coding […]

11-785 Spring 2023 Recitation 0B: Fundamentals of NumPy (Part 1/8)

Hi everyone, my name is Percurthy and I’m one of the TAs this spring for 11785 Introduction to deep learning. I will be going through the fundamentals of Numpy in this recitation. This recitation is going to cover what Numpy is installing Numpy, initializing data, accessing and modifying data using Numpy, pivoting data, combining data, […]

11-785 Spring 2023 Recitation 0G: Debugging and Visualisation (Part 2/3)

Hi everyone, this is the part 2 of Recipes 0G, debugging of deep neural networks. In this video, we’ll go through 3 types of basic coding errors, syntax errors, logic errors, and runtime errors. After following tips in this section, you should be able to get your code running smoothly. Firstly, the most common beginner […]

Scaling inference on CPUs with TorchServe

Hi everyone, I’m Manjin and I’m an AI Frameworks Engineer at Intel. In this session, I will talk about scaling inference on CPUs with TorchServe. There are five main topics for today’s agenda. First, I will give an overview on TorchServe. Second, on CPU performance tuning principles for getting a strong out-of-box CPU performance. Third, […]

11-785 Spring 2023 Recitation 0D: Dataset & DataLoaders

Hello and welcome everyone. I am Ishani Agravaar, one of the TA for introduction to deep learning course. Today I will be going through the recitation of data sets and data looders. Our goal in this recitation is to get comfortable using the data set and data looter objects. This is an important recitation as […]

11-785 Spring 2023 Recitation 0C: Introduction to PyTorch

Welcome to the station 0C, Introduction to PyDodge. Today, we will explore the various facilities of this framework for training a new network. Prior knowledge of Python and object programming is the only prerequisite for this edition. If you need a refresher, please watch Paul’s station on Python and before this one. Python is one […]

11-785 Spring 2023 Recitation 0A: Python & OOP Fundamentals (Part 1/2)

Hello guys, welcome to part one of the Python and O if on the mental’s Restition. I’m with you Paul and I’ll be taking you to the registration. Now this serves to give you an introduction to Python and associated concepts. Now I hope you can start editing working with the Python language. And please […]

The AI Buzz, Episode #1: ChatGPT, Transformers and Attention

Hello, I’m Josh Starmer from the YouTube channel, StatQuest with Josh Starmer. And I’m Luke Antiga, CEO of Lightning AI. And together we’re going to talk, to dig it together, we host the AI Buzz, where we’re going to talk about the latest trends in AI, and just talk about why they will change everything, […]

TorchRL: The Reinforcement Learning and Control library for PyTorch

Hello everyone, my name is Vincent and I’m developer for Torcharel, the reinforcement learning and control library for PyTorch. So when we started this effort of developing Torcharel, we had a look at the existing ecosystem of our libraries that are using PyTorch. And what we realized is that some of them were heavily focused […]

SingularityNET: Inside SingularityNET | December 2022

Good morning, good evening, good night, good wherever you are around the world tuning in to December’s edition of Singularity Net Insiders. It’s wonderful to do this recording for you, it’s fantastic to generally get together and celebrate all our enormous achievements of 2022 with a little look forward to 2023. Thank you as always […]