Is Apple’s M2 Max Good for Machine Learning?

So Apple has just released their new M2 chips and they appear to be quite powerful. Now the question is, would I buy one and what do I think I should recommend to you? First of all, let’s talk about who this is an obvious purchase for. So if you are convinced you want this, […]

When and How to Ask Programming Questions

In this video, I want to address something a little bit different than my usual topics. I want to address the question of when and how should one ask for help on a programming project. Now this turns out to actually be something people don’t really know. And I know this because I run a […]

#97 SREEJAN KUMAR – Human Inductive Biases in Machines from Language

Research has shown that humans possess strong inductive biases which enable them to quickly learn and generalize. Now in order to instill the same useful inductive biases into machines, a paper was presented by Sri Jankuma at the New Ups Conference and it won the Outstanding Paper of the Year Award. Now the paper is […]

The AI Buzz, Episode #1: ChatGPT, Transformers and Attention

Hello, I’m Josh Starmer from the YouTube channel, StatQuest with Josh Starmer. And I’m Luke Antiga, CEO of Lightning AI. And together we’re going to talk, to dig it together, we host the AI Buzz, where we’re going to talk about the latest trends in AI, and just talk about why they will change everything, […]

TorchRL: The Reinforcement Learning and Control library for PyTorch

Hello everyone, my name is Vincent and I’m developer for Torcharel, the reinforcement learning and control library for PyTorch. So when we started this effort of developing Torcharel, we had a look at the existing ecosystem of our libraries that are using PyTorch. And what we realized is that some of them were heavily focused […]

Reinforcement Learning for Personalization at Spotify with Tony Jebara – 609

All right, everyone. Welcome to another episode of the Twilmo AI podcast. I am your host, Sam Charrington. And today I’m joined by Tony Jabara. Tony is a vice president of engineering and head of machine learning at Spotify. Before we get going, be sure to take a moment to hit that subscribe button wherever […]

#94 – ALAN CHAN – AI Alignment and Governance #NEURIPS

Alan Chan is a PhD student at Miele, the Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms, supervised by Nicholas DeRoux. Before joining Miele, Alan was a master’s student at the Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute and the University of Alberta, where he worked with Martha White. Alan’s expertise and research interests encompass value alignment and AI governance. He’s […]

#3 Machine Learning Specialization [Course 1, Week 1, Lesson 2]

So, what is machine learning? In this video, you learn a definition of what it is and also get a sense of when you might want to apply it. Let’s take a look together. Here’s a definition of what is machine learning that is attributed to Arthur Samuel. He defined machine learning as the few […]

Diplomacy Gameplay with CICERO | Meta AI

I’m Adam Lerr. I’m a research engineer at Met AI. And I’m Andrew Gough, three-time world diplomacy champion. And I’m consulting with the Met AI team on their project. So Andrew came in a few days ago and we decided to play a game with a bunch of people from the team as well as […]

Two Minute Papers: Google’s New AI Learns Table Tennis!

Dear Fellow Scholars, this is two-minute papers with Dr. Karajol Naifahir. Do you see this new table tennis robot? It barely played any games in the real world, yet it can return the ball more than a hundred times without failing. Wow! So, how is this even possible? Well, this is a seem-torial paper, which […]