SingularityNET: Inside SingularityNET | December 2022

Good morning, good evening, good night, good wherever you are around the world tuning in to December’s edition of Singularity Net Insiders. It’s wonderful to do this recording for you, it’s fantastic to generally get together and celebrate all our enormous achievements of 2022 with a little look forward to 2023. Thank you as always […]

SingularityNET: Deep Funding | Round 2

Hello everybody, my name is Jan Huylings and it’s my great pleasure to announce to you the second round of deep funding. Deep funding is our grant program, the grant program of SingularityNet, where we want to award and support teams that like to build stuff that supports our decentralized community. I will use this […]

SingularityNET: Deep Funding | Round 2 – Short Explanation

Hello everybody, my name is Jan Horlings and it’s my pleasure to be announcing to you the second round of deep funding. Deep funding is the grand program of SingularityNet where we aim to support our decentralized AI platform. And in this particular round we have $500,000 worth of AGIX available across five different pools, […]

SingularityNET: Deep Funding | Community Governance – November 9, 2022

It was actually interesting because there were two people to award a team's, Kenrick and Robert Haas. For the first time, so it was a bit of a switch, but that was actually a good thing because they are both very numerical inclined, so to say. And so I could have a good chat with them on the quadratic voting and all that kind of stuff.

SingularityNET: Ambassador Townhall Meeting #23 | November 1st, 2022

Welcome, welcome everybody for the where are we 23rd Town Hall meeting of the Ambassador program. I met a little agenda as you can see on the slides. I want to go over some some work groups and the progress and you can see a couple of well recent ones, new ones popping up on […]