Lord Young on the State and Impact of AI | CogX17 Highlights | CogX

I’m not one of those that sees the glasses half full or half empty. It’s a health warning. I see it as overflowing. One working lifetime, the number of hours work of half. AI will make a real difference to the quality of the lives we lead. But it’s no good creating a society in […]

StartUp to IPO: The ethical mission of our startups

So how does your Monday morning going? We had a very interesting first speech and the second one is going to be hopefully as interesting. We’re just going to make sure that your Monday is going to be super enthusiastic and full of energy. So we’re just putting a lot of things, including a secret […]

Diffusion models with KerasCV

Hey everyone, my name is Devya. I’m representing the CARES team at Google. I’ll be talking about diffusion models, what can be done with them and how to enable them using CARES. So what are diffusion models and why should you care? Historically, you could generate fake shoe pictures. These aren’t really real shoes, not […]

Real-Time ML Workflows at Capital One with Disha Singla – 606

All right, what’s up everyone? Welcome to another episode of the Tumol AI podcast. I am your host, Sam Charrington. And today I’ve got the pleasure of being joined by Disha Singla. Disha is a senior director of machine learning engineering at Capital One. Before we dive into our conversation, be sure to take a […]

Supabase Crash Course For Python Developers

Hi everyone, I’m Patrick and welcome to the SuperBase Crash Course for Python developers. In this video we cover almost all important features that we can use with SuperBase. I leave an overview here and also I leave timestamps below the video so if you’re free to jump around if you’re interested in a particular […]