AI Just Solved a 53-Year-Old Problem! | AlphaTensor, Explained

I’m gonna show you what I think is the most exciting breakthrough we’ve made this year. I understand that generating images, and text, and code is exciting, but this… All of our tensor… This can change everything. And although all of our tensor is about matrix multiplication, and that’s what everyone is talking about, I […]

Two Minute Papers: OpenAI’s Whisper Learned 680,000 Hours Of Speech!

OpenAI’s new Whisper AI is able to listen to what we say, and transcribe it. Your voice goes in, and this text comes out. Like this. This is incredible and it is going to change everything! As you see, when running through these few sentences, it works with flying colors.

Two Minute Papers: How To Get Started With Machine Learning? #51

Dear Fellow Scholars, this is two-minute papers with Kato Ejolene Ifehir. I get a lot of messages from you fellow scholars that you would like to get started in machine learning and are looking for materials. Words fail to describe how great the feeling is that the series inspires many of you to start your […]

Anticipating Superintelligence with Nick Bostrom – TWiML Talk #181

Hello and welcome to another episode of Twimble Talk, the podcast why interview interesting people, doing interesting things in machine learning and artificial intelligence. I’m your host Sam Charrington. In today’s episode we’re joined by Nick Bostrom, professor in the faculty of philosophy at the University of Oxford, where he also heads the future of […]

Nick Bostrom: What happens when our computers get smarter than we are?

I work with a bunch of mathematicians, philosophers, and computer scientists, and we sit around and think about the future of machine intelligence among other things. Some people think that some of these things are sort of science fictiony, far out there, crazy. But I like to say, okay, let’s look at the modern human […]