Industry Usage

Thanks, Joe. I lead the Applied AI Group at Meta. We collaborate with leading companies across the industry for PyTorch adoption and integrations. I will share some of the key highlights from our work in 2022. From the latest LinkedIn talent report, we are seeing more than 44,000 professionals have tagged PyTorch as a skin […]

11-785 Spring 2023 Recitation 0C: Introduction to PyTorch

Welcome to the station 0C, Introduction to PyDodge. Today, we will explore the various facilities of this framework for training a new network. Prior knowledge of Python and object programming is the only prerequisite for this edition. If you need a refresher, please watch Paul’s station on Python and before this one. Python is one […]

TorchRL: The Reinforcement Learning and Control library for PyTorch

Hello everyone, my name is Vincent and I’m developer for Torcharel, the reinforcement learning and control library for PyTorch. So when we started this effort of developing Torcharel, we had a look at the existing ecosystem of our libraries that are using PyTorch. And what we realized is that some of them were heavily focused […]

PyTorch Mobile on Android using C++ (PyTorch Conference 2022 Breakout Session)

Yeah, my name is Joe Bowser. I’m with Adobe. We’re going to talk today about our explorations and using PyTorch mobile on Android. We’re using C++. I’m with the Sensei on device team, our Sensei ML and Furns and efficiency team at Adobe. We go across teams and work on features. So just to give […]

TensorFlow Recommenders Addons

Hi there, welcome back to our video series of building recommendation systems with TensorFlow. My name is Wei and I’m a developer advocate at Google. In this video, we’re going to talk about a community project, TFR-A, TensorFlow Recommenders Add-Ons. TensorFlow Recommenders Add-Ons is a collection of projects related to large scale recommendation systems, for […]