Industry Usage

Thanks, Joe. I lead the Applied AI Group at Meta. We collaborate with leading companies across the industry for PyTorch adoption and integrations. I will share some of the key highlights from our work in 2022. From the latest LinkedIn talent report, we are seeing more than 44,000 professionals have tagged PyTorch as a skin […]

Sim2Real and Optimus, the Humanoid Robot with Ken Goldberg – 599

All right everyone welcome to another episode of the TWiML AI podcast. I am your host Sam Charrington and today I’m joined by Ken Goldberg, the professor of industrial engineering and operations research and the William S Floyd Jr. Distinguished Chair in Engineering at UC Berkeley. Ken is also the chief scientist at MB Robotics. […]

Two Minute Papers: Google’s New AI Learns Table Tennis!

Dear Fellow Scholars, this is two-minute papers with Dr. Karajol Naifahir. Do you see this new table tennis robot? It barely played any games in the real world, yet it can return the ball more than a hundred times without failing. Wow! So, how is this even possible? Well, this is a seem-torial paper, which […]

Your own Personal Humanoid Robot – Tesla AI Day 2022 Competitors

Tesla AI Day is upon us with people’s expectations practically through the roof. Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, is about to show us a prototype of the supposedly most advanced humanoid robot that is capable of doing any type of tedious job you give it and is even supposed to be able to help you inside […]