TechUK: Are we ready for a quantum future?

Quantum powered technologies are no longer the reserve of science fiction. Working alongside transformative tech including Cloud and AI, quantum technologies are set to transform everything we know today, from industry, society and our planet. But what does this change really mean in the coming years and are we ready, as an industry and society, for this future?

In this conversation, a panel of industry leaders will discuss the potential impact and implications of quantum transformation from security, regulatory, ethical, responsible, environmental and geopolitical points of view. It will ask if we are not ready for our quantum future, who is and what could this mean globally.

Stephen Nundy – Partner & CTO – Lakestar Advisors UK
Markus Pflitsch – CEO & Founder – Terra Quantum AG
Carolyn Ten Holter – Researcher – University of Oxford
Philipp Ernst – Senior Expert – McKinsey & Company
Sue Daley – Director Tech and Innovation – techUK

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