TensorFlow 2.0: An Overview #AskTensorFlow

Developer Advocate Paige Bailey (@DynamicWebPaige) and TF Software Engineer Alex Passos answer your #AskTensorFlow questions. Learn about the latest improvements to TensorFlow Core in TF 2.0, how to create custom layers with tf.keras, differences between Keras and tf.keras, and compatibility with Keras and Python 3.7.

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Get started with TensorFlow 2.0 → http://bit.ly/2IeWT3e
Join the TensorFlow community → http://bit.ly/2Wqv81N
tf.estimator.BoostedTreesRegressor → http://bit.ly/2WqP0lk
tf.estimator.BoostedTreesClassifier → http://bit.ly/2Mywz9I
tf.contrib → http://bit.ly/2XzSGOi
Binaries for Python 3.7 → http://bit.ly/2My40cH
Support model for Keras → http://bit.ly/2ZbXKc0
tf.keras → http://bit.ly/31dVeDU
TensorFlow probability → http://bit.ly/2XvPymB
TensorFlow probability presentation → http://bit.ly/2ImVXtS
Custom layers in tf.keras → http://bit.ly/2QVbg0w
SavedModel → http://bit.ly/2R3fzHz

This video is also subtitled in Chinese, Indonesian, Italian, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish.

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