TensorFlow Tutorial 07 – Functional API + Multi-output Project

New Tutorial series about TensorFlow 2! Learn all the basics you need to get started with this deep learning framework!

Part 07: Functional API

In this part we learn we can use the functional API and the advantages of this approach. The Keras functional API is a way to create models that are more flexible than the tf.keras.Sequential API. The functional API can handle models with non-linear topology, shared layers, and even multiple inputs or outputs. I will also walk you through a full example with 2 output predictions.

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Course Parts:
01 TensorFlow Installation
02 TensorFlow Tensor Basics
03 TensorFlow Neural Net
04 TensorFlow Linear Regression
05 TensorFlow CNN (Convolutional Neural Nets)
06 TensorFlow Save & Load Models
07 TensorFlow Functional API
08 TensorFlow Multi-output Project
09 TensorFlow Transfer Learning
10 TensorFlow RNN / LSTM / GRU
11 TensorFlow NLP

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