The Biggest Hard Drives Ever! • Future HAMR HDD Technology •

120TB Hard Drives might soon be on store shelves due to the emergence of a new Hard Drive Technology called “HAMR”. This new futuristic technology might actually give Hard Disk Drives (HDD) an edge over consumer SSD’s.

Heat-assisted magnetic recording (HAMR) is a magnetic storage technology for greatly increasing the amount of data and storage that can be stored on a magnetic device such as a hard disk drive by temporarily heating the disk material during writing, which makes it much more receptive to magnetic effects and allows writing to much smaller regions (and much higher levels of data on a disk).

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00:00 The history and future of hard drives
01:53 The announcement of HAMR Drives
03:51 Where is it being used already?
05:24 HAMR vs SSD's
06:39 Last Words

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