The Fastai v1 Deep Learning Framework with Jeremy Howard – TWiML Talk #186

In today’s episode we’ll be taking a break from our Strata Data conference series and presenting a special conversation with Jeremy Howard, founder and researcher at is a company many of our listeners are quite familiar with due to their popular deep learning course. This episode is being released today in conjunction with the company’s announcement of version 1.0 of their fastai library at the inaugural Pytorch Devcon in San Francisco.

Jeremy and I cover a ton of ground in this conversation. Of course, we dive into the new library and explore why it’s important and what’s changed. We also explore the unique way in which it was developed and what it means for the future of the courses. Jeremy shares a ton of great insights and lessons learned in this conversation, not to mention mentions a bunch of really interesting-sounding papers.

The complete show notes, and links to the fastai library can be found here.

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