The Rise of Immortal Billionaires – Jeff Bezos' Longevity Company: Altos Labs

Altos Labs is a new biotech company founded by the worlds richest person: Jeff Bezos with the help of other super rich people who are interested in extending the human lifespan to reach immortality. Other investors in the field of Longevity are Yuri Milner, Elon Musk and Larry Page. Each for different reasons. The field of Longevity research which was partially pioneered by people like Aubrey De Grey of SENS Research and David Sinclair has been finding many futuristic treatments for stopping and even reversing aging due to a massive increase in funding the past few years.

Altos Labs is the most funded and well-staffed biotechnology company in the world with some of the leading talent in the industry at its disposal and a plan to stop the aging process through gene editing with CRISPR.
Alejandro Ocampo says that somehow, the DNA of the parents is scrubbed, renewed, and restarted.
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00:00 Jeff Bezos’ New Company
01:06 How the Billionaire’s got interested
02:54 Why are Billionaire’s suddenly enthusiastic?
04:46 The History of Bezos’ Investments
06:08 Other Longevity Companies
07:03 Buisnesses in Science?
09:52 Does this venture have a chance?
12:09 Last Words
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