The Social Dilemma Part 1 – Andy Smith

In this first part of our three part series on the Social Dilemma Netflix film, Dr. Tim Scarfe, Yannic “Lightspeed” Kilcher and Zak Jost gang up with Cybersecurity expert Andy Smith. We give you our take on the film. We are super excited to get your feedback on this one! Hope you enjoy.

00:00:00 Introduction
00:06:11 Moral hypocrisy
00:12:38 Road to hell is paved with good intentions, attention economy
00:15:04 They know everything about you
00:18:02 Addiction
00:21:22 Differential realities
00:26:12 Self determination and Monetisation
00:29:08 AI: Overwhelm human strengths undermine human vulnerabilities
00:31:51 Conspiracy theory / fake news
00:34:23 Overton window / polarisation
00:39:12 Short attention span / convergent behaviour
00:41:26 Is social media good for you
00:45:17 Your attention time is linear, the things you can pay attention to are a volume, anonymity
00:51:32 Andy question on security: social engineering
00:56:32 Is it a security risk having your information in social media
00:58:02 Retrospective judgement
01:03:06 Free speech and censorship
01:06:06 Technology accelerator

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