The Social Dilemma Part 2 – Abhishek Gupta

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This week on Machine Learning Street Talk, Dr. Tim Scarfe, Dr. Keith Duggar, Alex Stenlake and Yannic Kilcher have a conversation with the founder and principal researcher at the Montreal AI Ethics institute — Abhishek Gupta. We cover several topics from the Social Dilemma film and AI Ethics in general.

00:00:00 Introduction
00:03:57 Overcome our weaknesses
00:14:30 threat landscape blind spots
00:18:35 differential reality vs universal shaping
00:24:21 shared reality incentives and tools
00:32:01 transparency and knowledge to avoid pathology
00:40:09 federated informed autonomy
00:49:48 diversity is a metric, inclusion is a strategy
00:59:58 locally aligned pockets can stabilize global diversity
01:10:58 making inclusion easier with tools
01:23:35 enabling community feedback
01:26:16 open source the algorithms
01:33:02 the N+1 cost of inclusion
01:38:08 broader impact statement

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