These are the First Real Nanobots Entering your Body

The Rise of actually real and useful Nanobots making use of the rapidly advancing miniaturization of robotics and microchips through companies such as TSMC, Intel and Samsung. These nanobots are soon going to enable things such as full dive virtual reality, healing diseases such as cancer and potentially even increasing the longevity up to 200 years. These tiny computer/robots will enter our bloodstream and cross the blood brain barrier to read and write similar to how Brain Computer Interfaces such as Neuralink currently work. The future of technology is looking really exciting.
Every day is a day closer to the Technological Singularity. Experience Robots learning to walk & think, humans flying to Mars and us finally merging with technology itself. And as all of that happens, we at AI News cover the absolute cutting edge best technology inventions of Humanity.

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00:00 Have we reached the Nanobot-Era?
02:51 The Applications of Nanobots
04:26 All the types of BCI’s
06:44 So, when will there be Nanobots?
09:13 Last Words
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