This Insane Quantum Computer is IBM's Last Chance

IBM’s new Quantum Computer breaks the current world record in terms of Qubits and ushers in a new era of quantum supremacy. It’s also IBM’s last chance of potentially undoing its rise and fall among the biggest tech companies in the world that has been occuring these last few years. The Eagle Quantum computer has 127 qubits and can outperform the fastest supercomputers in the world in certain tasks and calculations. Whether or not Google’s Quantum AI company will come back from behind is currently uncertain. But one thing is for sure: The future of Quantum Computers does look very bright.
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00:00 IBM’s Last Chance
01:23 The competetive field of Quantum Computing
02:19 How this Quantum Computer was made
04:00 What is Neven’s Law?
06:35 And the goal of all this is…
09:22 Last Words
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