This New AI Generates Professional Artworks (OpenAI GLIDE)

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OpenAI’s incredible new Artificial Intelligence blew everyone away with their new Image Generation Model that can turn any kind of text into realistic, cartoonish or photorealistic images regardless of how complex and complicated the text is. This requires a deep understanding of logic and vision which was previously impossible for AI. OpenAI’s many useful AI Softwares like GPT and Codex are really pushing ahead of its competition lately.
Every day is a day closer to the Technological Singularity. Experience Robots learning to walk & think, humans flying to Mars and us finally merging with technology itself. And as all of that happens, we at AI News cover the absolute cutting edge best technology inventions of Humanity.
00:00 The image AI to rule them all
00:50 Skillshare: Learn AI & More
02:27 Video Start
03:35 How does GLIDE AI work?
06:03 The Future of AI Image Creators
08:25 The Problems with AI Image Creators
09:41 Last Words
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