TOP 5 Artificial Intelligences of 2022 – Flamingo: Human Level AI?

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Has human level AI been reached in 2022? What are the best Artificial Intelligences released by the biggest AI companies so far? All of this in the top 5 best AI’s in 2022.
Every day is a day closer to the Technological Singularity. Experience Robots learning to walk & think, humans flying to Mars and us finally merging with technology itself. And as all of that happens, we at AI News cover the absolute cutting edge best technology inventions of Humanity.
00:00 Intro
00:19 #5 GPT-3
03:10 #4 Gopher
04:40 #3 Codex
06:01 #2 DALL-E 2
07:33 #1 Flamingo
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