Why Facebook is beating Apple in Augmented Reality – Facebook AR Glasses

Facebook isn’t just fighting Apple in a lawsuit due to Apple’s strict privacy rules, but is also trying to beat Apple in what both consider to be the next computing platform of the future: Augmented Reality Glasses and Headsets. Both see the future of Apple and Facebook away from regular old Smartphones and instead in the world of Wearables and the Metaverse. Apple Glasses are expected to have their release date around 2023-2025, with Facebook making their first steps with the help of Ray-Ban Stories today. Whether Facebook will beat apple and in the battle between apple vs facebook is yet to be seen, but it’s clear that Mark Zuckerberg may have a time-advantage compared to Tim Cook with its Facebook AR Glasses.
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00:00 Why is Facebook battling Apple?
01:00 Facebook’s first Steps in AR
02:37 And what is Apple trying to do?
04:28 Does Facebook have an advantage?
06:30 Last Words
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