Why Intel is Beating Everyone in Artificial Intelligence – Intel Loihi 2

In order to regain its lead Intel lost from AMD, Intel is now releasing several completely new revolutionary products which are meant to both beat and surpass AMD + NVIDIA in their respective fields. Intel Loihi 2 is one of the first neuromorphic computing chips ever released to consumers and is also the most powerful AI Chip as it resembles the human brain both in performance and power consumption. It is also built on Intel’s upcoming 7nm or Intel 4 chip process node which gets them to compete with TSMC and AMD. Whether Intel will regain its title as Market Leader with Loihi 2 and Lava, is yet to be seen but this and Alder lake make for an interesting rest of 2021.
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00:00 Intel’s Secret Plan
02:03 Why Neuromorhpic Chips will be important
03:51 How does Intel’s Next Generation Chip work?
04:40 Why Intel is ahead of Nvidia & co.
06:55 How does Neuromorphic Computing work?
09:35 Last Words
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