Wireless Localization with "Chronos"

Paper: https://www.usenix.org/system/files/conference/nsdi16/nsdi16-paper-vasisht.pdf

According to CSAIL researchers, a new wireless technology they’ve developed could mean safer drones, smarter homes and password-free WiFi.

A research team led by professor Dina Katabi has developed a system that enables a single WiFi access point to locate users to within tens of centimeters, without any external sensors. The group demonstrated the system in an apartment and a cafe, while also showing off a drone that maintains a safe distance from its user with a margin of error of about four centimeters.

Experiments conducted in a two-bedroom apartment with four occupants show that the system can correctly identify which room a resident is in 94 percent of the time. For the cafe demo, the system was 97 percent accurate in distinguishing in-store customers from out-of-store intruders – meaning it could be used by small businesses to prevent non-customers from stealing WiFi.

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