You're Never Too Young to Start Learning AI – Learning Intelligence Talks with Shaik Asad

Recently, I had to privilege of talking with Shaik Asad is a 14-year-old AI developer from India.

In the video, we go over how to start learning AI, different Deep Learning frameworks and what Shaik wants to build in the future.

Thanks for the conversation Shaik. I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future.

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Deep Learning Nanodegree Udacity ––nd101
Machine Learning Nanodegree on Udacity ––ud120 Course –
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Shaik’s YouTube –
Siraj Raval’s YouTube –
Siraj Raval’s Video on Image Classifiers –
Andrew Ng Interviews Geoffrey Hinton –
Tensorflow Tutorial for Beginners –
Pytorch –
Andrej Karpathy Blog (original) –
Andrej Karpathy Medium –

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